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  • Welcome to the 2015 Season


Registration for the 2015 SLFC Tackle and Flag Football Season is OPEN.
Tackle fee for the 2015 season is $160. 
Flag fee is $85.
2015 Players Camp (July 27-29) is $40.
Registration for the 2015 SLFC DASH is now open.
Make a donation for a player in the 2015 SLFC DASH.
Click on the red REGISTER NOW button or
register online tab on the left side of this page to
 register/ donate in any of the above programs.
Register now to secure your spot on your team.
 Registration for some grade levels will close early
as the teams fill up.

 Our last free non contact Player Camp at Standley Lake High School

 will be on Saturday July 11, 10AM – 12 Noon

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FREE non contact Player Camps
SL Football Club will be holding two FREE non contact Player Camps...
2015 SL Football Club DASH
  August 15, 2015 Standley Lake High School The players...
Welcome to the 2015 Season
  Hello SLFC families!   As another fun filled...
FREE non contact Player Camps

SL Football Club will be holding two FREE non contact Player Camps at Standley Lake High School.

The first camp is Saturday, June 13 10am-noon

The second camp is on Saturday, July 11 10am-noon.

The camps will feature

Running Back QB Station - ball handling, handoffs, correct footwork, correct 2 and 3 point stance

O-line - correct stance, power step, base block, trap, reach block - can do with shields

Receivers - route running (no ball), routes receiving ball, hand position, short toss facing front, side, over the shoulder 

Defense -

One station for heads up tackle

DB - footwork - backpedal and shuffle, read eyes of receiver

LB - stance, read step, correct footwork, scrape

D-line - stance, locking arms on contact, rip and swim move


Bring a friend, this camp is FREE

 Players should wear shorts,t-shirt and cleats to the camp.

by posted 06/05/2015
2015 SL Football Club DASH


August 15, 2015

Standley Lake High School

The players of SL Football Club will be showing off their athleticism by participating in a mandatory SL Football DASH on August 15th at 8:00 a.m. at Standley Lake High School. We will be doing this as the primary fundraiser for the league as well as for our individual teams.

All family members are welcome to participate in the run. Each participant will receive a t-shirt. The fee to run the race is $20.00 a person if you register before the race. The fee will be $30.00 if you register on the day of the race.   You will be receiving a pledge sheet in the near future to raise money for the league and your team. The pledge sheet will be a way for the players to get their neighbors, families and friends to donate money to their league and their team.

 Looking forward to seeing everyone at the race!

by posted 05/18/2015
Welcome to the 2015 Season


Hello SLFC families!
As another fun filled season fast approaches, we would like to welcome everyone, old and new. Many exciting things are happening in our league and I would like to take this opportunity to update you all. 
There have been some changes on the board, as some of you may know. I am the new President of the league and I am thrilled to serve on this board. I look forward to providing great leadership, while ensuring all of our children have memorable and valuable experiences. My wife and I have been invested in this league for years, not only as a coach and a team manager, but as parents of two young players. Our family is proud to call Stanley Lake Football Club our football home.
Under the new leadership, we are happy to have Shane Cahalan serve as Vice President. Shane brings great knowledge and enthusiasm to this football program. He is a great leader with so much passion for our kids and the sport. Shane and his wife coach and manage a team for our league and are proud parents of players.
I would like to thank Kelly Worm and Wade Smith for returning this season as Secretary and Treasurer. They both bring so much valuable knowledge and experience from their long time involvement and participation in this league. 
Among those listed above, I would like to thank all the new and returning board members, listed at the end of this letter. The list of people who have graciously offered to volunteer for various duties and activities does not stop at those listed below. You will continue to see many other familiar faces around the league. Please offer your support and talents to all of these people, as they offer their talents and time to make such a positive impact on our children. Shane and I are so grateful to we working with and learning from such a great team. 
As we continue the quest to grow our league, we ask for your help. There will be endless opportunities to be involved, so I would encourage you to do so where ever you can. Parent participation is key! Please start by spreading the word about our great organization to friends, other parents in schools, parents in other sports, local businesses, religious organizations, etc. As the season gets a little closer we will be providing flyers and yard signs to help spread the word. Be on the look out for that information to follow.  If you would like to offer ideas about how we can grow our organization, please feel free to email me directly at .
Registration is now open! You may have noticed there has been a slight increase in registration fees.  The increase in fees will assist in covering the increased costs in areas such as fields, uniforms, league dues,Insurance,etc. Once again we are offering an early registration discount, so please register NOW! 
Players camps will be held again this year. At this time, dates and locations are still being finalized. This info will be sent soon. 
I encourage you to visit our website at www.slfootballclub.com for additional information and news. We will continue to keep you posted with information about the league and upcoming season, as it becomes available.
I hope you all join me in the excitement and anticipation of the 2015 football season.  
Best Regards,
Loren Brunker
SL Football Club, Inc.
Board of Directors 2015-2016
Executive Board of Directors 2015 & 2016
President                       Loren Brunker
Vice President               Shane Cahalan
Secretary                       Kelly Worm
Treasury                        Wade Smith 
Directors 2015 & 2016
Flag Football                    Rick Gutierrez
USA Football & Camp      OPEN
Fields                               Shane Cahalan
Team Manager                  Amy Graham/ Beth Agan
Fund Raising                    Stephanie Gottlob
60 Yard & JMFA Rep         Mike Smith
100 Yard & JMFA Rep       Kim Staudt

by posted 03/28/2015
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